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It was the most horrible thing I've ever seen.I was murdered 100 years ago on Halloween.A man accused me of vandalizing his house but I didn't do it.I told him that I was innocent but sadly, I could not prove it.
In my new house there is host It is known as ghost He lived for million time Just he did was million crime He is dark as night  Strong as knight  Has horse without head
in my house and room there is witch broom i know a ghost he make people lost   it haunts our house with a mouse a bloody lake a bloody cake   i see haunted movies
the dead, they sleep beneath the trees in the dirt where no man sees all the living walk above some in hatred, others love few have realized the truth
Nobody notices me I feel like a ghost They assume that I'm fine Though I'm worse off than most   I'm not even sure If I'm dead or alive I not really living I just want to survive  
Beneath your bed hides, My sorrowful ghostly eyes. Be still, he who breathes.
VALE  OF  TEARS   Imagination,   Briskly; my heart left me wandering, pondering wh't   I wondering, roaming for, Searching fortune in vain.  
Stuck in my head I can't sleep, night terrors bring entities I don't understand what they want from me Just let me be I just want to be okay Is it my fault I opened that gate
The invocation of the spirit into the realm of life, or the divine ministrant to sacrifice. The fire that kindles the bestowing towards purity, overcomes in time the power of illusion with certainty.
Silent alleyways, bright window shops Warm riveting smells in these compressed bricks are as familiar as a common cold These streets hold an evening story so predictable, simple
A mistake- mistakes. I’ve mistaken an adventure With love.   Startled. A startling appearance before me Asking me why I’ve done
i don't like the alchohol  it messes with my head  instead i'll chat with demons that reside under my bed  the demons know my pain because they cause it every day 
there is no emptier crescent of feeling than wandering through unfeeling, unending crowds,  more alone than you ever have felt  in your lifetime.
and i seethe ghost of youon every street  and i say:i don't believein ghosts anymore
-----------------------------------------------------------------­-------------------------Dear Diary, I am a ghost. I don't know how long I've been this way, but It's my reality. 
Tonight is not a night for despair,  The shadows play everywhere, If your ready you can join them.  Their games are jolly and fun, You’ll have the time of your life But beware; 
Get up from bed and something isn’t right Everything is muddled, dirty and foggy I scream and cry not knowing what is going on I go to the bathroom and see Myself in the mirror
The sun rises up on the horizon as I walk to my class no one turns to look at me they all pass no one ever talks to me no one ever listens to me no one seems to see me AM I even there?  
A ghost is no longer living A ghost moves beyond the grave A ghost is a haunting Too unruly to behave   A ghost can be forgiven A ghost can be betrayed A ghost can be ignored
To whoever will find this note I left,  'Tis certain I am dead and not so quick.  Be still, and sit inside your cleft,    As I read to you my fable thick.  So hearken! For here begins my tale. 
I see you running through the rain   I know its a stretch Even for my fantastical childish dreams But I still can see it  
The eyes grew larger at the sightThat could, a grown man, fill with fright.The eyes nearly bulged out their headWhile spying upon the walking dead.
I think I'm falling in love with a ghost, dear, I think I'm falling asleep. I see him on the edge of my vision, singing me soft lullabies with ethereal beats.    The ghost's eyes peer out at me,
   New Home,New Faces       Past  and Present, blur together       Voices echo, All is the Same yet it has changed
Who are you and why do you haunt me? You lurk in the backgrounds of photographs I want to burn, but I can't unframe them from the wall. Shadows of my dreams--nightmares?--contain you. They're happy.  
This cave was haunted I know because I was there   A distant light glowed and Shivered under the shadows   The walls glisten with decay And the chill sunk into my skin  
Peter Pan was a boy So selfish and coy He lured the unhappy Told them lies so sappy For he would stay young forever The children from home, he’d sever And when the kids grew
The echoing halls are ringing with the forgotten cries comming from a raw throat. Nobody will turn to look at her as she cries for help, dying on the inside. Nobody will hear her
I live in a house with two ghosts Mirrored in themselves when they are near the other They drift through each other But alone they seem nearly solid
Have I             told you before                     of what it’s like alone                                 sleeping in my bed at night?
I miss the cloudy days When the sky was nice and grey, A sad smile upon my face. What happened to the rain?   The sky has been to bright, With the warm sunshine Glowing upon the smiling faces
There's a ghost who lives in the house next door. I wonder what she's waiting for. Every third day and every fourth night She glimmers softly, like candlelight, wistfully staring
 How do I reconcile self loathing with the dreams I still have?
There is a ghost in my room. I talk to her all athe time. She is only fourteen years old. She was killed by her best friend. She was in love with him. He killed her after he raped her.
My ghost I call you back with these words.My ghost I wish to see you again.My ghost I sold you for another.My ghost it is time to return.
Tired eyes Alone smiles Shell of a man running unkept dials Rusted turning keys Passing by with switches and lights that seem to do nothing
When we die, We don’t need anything. We walk to our deaths as we are, With nothing to hold us down but a Small chain of memory wrapped around our minds.
On the night spirits rush outside of the door The fire grows larger, singeing the floor His heartbeat grows faster, denying his will
 i am the ghost you  never knew i was the one  you passed and stole a second glance  i was the ghost you would  turn to in times of woe  i was the one who picked you  up  when  you were down 
Out of sight, Out of mind, Never to be seen. A broken memory, A broken dream. Left behind, Left to fight all alone at last, Nobody to save me from myself, Nobody to help.
A blanket of time covers our eyes. Fire rains down from the sky and water grows from salt. We have shifted. Fallen. Fast and deep into nothing save for imaginary realities.
I’m just a phase slipping through with no destination. Is this important? because you let me wander with no significant placement.   Me… A phase? And phases end…  
Why do I have to deal with this? This pain with which I can not burden others How do I fight to be seen? When I also fight to hide I need hope But it has fallen away I need peace
As I look out my window on Haalloween night Oh, wha a fright? Te stars above Ca how me love The on Makes me son Ihave no urniture, as you can seSo I must sit on e loor,t be Inthi Hunted house
I haven't got a clue   As to what I want to do  
She is recollections of my past life, And she lurks in the walls of my terrified mind. I've been hearing mesmeric whispers from every direction, Even though she is nowhere in sight.
My old high school is haunted That what everyone says Not to me that would be absurd Still, it's what I've heard   I wander through these halls alone for now a pale kid known for his hand-me-downs.
If there is nothing real, Nothing is what I give. If there is the ghost of real, I take the seeds, that with my hands Bloom into the ghost of something   And when my little ghost decides 
My heart thumps as he comes closerpalms sweating, breath quickening.he sits at my table and glances at mewith eyes as blue as the ocean.
All the bl
I'm going away for awhile, don't try and follow me. I'm just trying to find my place in this strange place. This is life and I'm fine with it.
     Her heart beats quickly, and it beats red wine. His breathing slows, and he inhales her scent. She drinks him in with her midnight eyes. He hears her sigh from his gentle kiss.
Once a lie, always a lie though you may not grieve. It may fade and drain away, but will never truely leave. And true the world might forget, but there are those who know.
He comes in the quiet whispering about bloodied hands and a twisted, dirty, ugly soul wearing a plain girl's face His lips skim along my skin The barest touch as he tells a loveless story
It sings me sweet lyrics in the eve Whispers words as I sleep Tells me I should grieve
My ghost      follows me everywhere My ghost      hides in the shadows My ghost      huants my past My ghost      endangers my future My ghost      seeks a chance to scare me
One of my old poems:   Sometimes I feel like a puppet, Pulled along in another's hands Obeying the orders to do this or do that My every rebellion already orchestrated
There was once a time for men like me,  Now I am sitting on a lonely oak bench,  outside a gothic cathedral,  
She walked into the room again, her heart was about to bust, She talked about her feelings, the shame within her lust, She danced across the floor, to show just how she felt,
I want you to see all of my happiness I want you to see my friends And my grades I want you to feel like you screwed up Because you did   But I forgive you  
Learning to swim,
Silently it sits,Waiting for its’ next victim,To enter its’ realmIts’ realm of torture,Where nothing is private,Where you never truly are alone.Where your nightmares become reality,
  Such a lonely ghost with a sad awakened soul Such a depressed man with a bottle of vodka in hand Vodka is see through
Once when I was still shy and young, I slept on my bed for the darkness of the absent sun, I woke up with alarm and urgency in mind, for nature was calling at that time.
they wear masks with unsettling cheshire grins gleaming under the lights which betrays a plastic perfection dressed as something they are not, it is no longer a sport
In a box, But not with my mind, It got out. Now, I can't find, Sanity. Anywhere. And I can't see, Yet I stare, At the body, Left behind. Where is my soul?
Unheard. Quiet as the wind. Not a sound. Startling others. Unseen. Invisible to the naked eye. Lurking everywhere. Ignored completely. Untouchable. Close yet distant. Unspoken words. Hard as stone. Unloved. Alone...Forever...Alone...
  The ball bounces against the crack of the drive Two little girls laugh as they miss the backward shot. Dusk disappears like their childhood
Your spirit lives in a red room. And I am the host of a ghost. The doom that looms Making its house a tomb   Your spirit runs through my veins Feeds into my brain Plays the regret, the shame
I have created a worldcomposed of blind people. Winter has not come in my favor.a fine way of thinking turns intoa composition made of violence.
To you I am invisibleA translucent tragedyGrasping onto ridgesScratch marks created by a ghost
Dusk died with a melancholy hue That is when I recognized the twilight of my youth Marching towards tombstone tile Solemnly in single file   With all the risks I never took With all hands I never shook
sometimes i wonder what things would have been like if i had forgiven you a little sooner if i had kept my mouth shut if i hadn't fallen for the wrong guy
I chose to write today Having been gifted with literacy Gifted with the words I say Have power, the authority To bear truth, God-given knees Bent in prayer, wholly broken  
And we were ghosts in our own skin. Then love that was there once has now become sin. Lust, magical, hate has all become within. To kill who we were, never to return again.
You remind me now of a Ghost that once haunted me.   One that made me cry, into the small hours of the night.   In pain, Unloved, Unappreciated, and Used.   Bruises,
Nothing is as it really seems, Things can get you, real or fake, You really are only safe in your dreams. No, they will never give you a break.   Things will tear you apart in life
You may not know me I only know you by Looks Passing through crowds Far off distances But I've heard of things And thoughts start to form They become Pain Worry
You once was a living human but now you are a ghost of my past, I love you then and I still do now, I hope that you had not went away like everyone else has.
Death will find me, long before I tire Of watching you, and swing me suddenly Into the shade and loneliness and mire Of the last land! They're waiting patiently. One day, I think I'll feel a cool wind blowing
You must be cool and composed You must- even when all are opposed You must deny your morals and speak tact You must unite your comrades, you have a pact
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