Spectral Epiphany


United States
27° 56' 50.7912" N, 97° 12' 2.0916" W

You must be cool and composed
You must- even when all are opposed
You must deny your morals and speak tact
You must unite your comrades, you have a pact

Being leader means being hated
In the eyes of others you are either fake or jaded
Roll the dice
Compromise, Sacrifice

But behind your back you are impaled
Hard work, with your own happiness last
Yet you have failed
What’s past will never be past

Your compassion and empathy
Falls to sympathy then confusion than apathy
Frustration bursts forth new energy
To breed torment
Your ghost wails in lament
Trust is lost but love still lingers
Translucent tears fall to bloody fingers
You bear no grudge but you can’t forgive
You wander the earth unable to die or live
Your only companion for eternity
Is your ambiguous memory

Leaders are either evil or depressed
Because leaders have motives and feelings repressed
They have voices
They have choices

They are smart
Not ignorant
Not oblivious
Yet those qualities are the roots of happiness
Laughter is temporary, and of all feelings, the shallowest

People don’t want a realist
An idealist
A pessimist
Or an optimist
People want cunning liars so mischievous
An enabling mother figure to endorse habits so delirious
People want comfort
Not to be shaken with change
For better or worse, they’ll stay the same
These are the unspoken rules to the trendy game

Your wan specter asked too many questions
You brought forth too many suggestions
Your helpfulness hath brought your kill.
If you were selfish, might your life be here still?

You want advice? Give up on these politics
Abandon those hypocritical heretics, or,
Live for you and you alone
Rule with an iron fist on a gilded throne
A leader amongst mortals is a sinner yet
Even death cannot escape regret
Lie, Cheat, Gamble, Steal
But your mask will never be what you truly feel
Forever an infant in spirit and mind
The secret to life is pretend you’ll find

This might seem to contradict
But immortals older than time can predict
The outcome of every theoretical conflict

Live a lie
Or be unhappy until you die
(Isn’t it the same?)
But either way be empty and miserable (Why? Why?)
Maybe the answer isn’t to lead at all
But to get rid of brave gall
Be a brainless sheep and follow the herd
Don’t think about a single word
Rely on others, be scared and dependent
Then, foolishly turn, as did your previous defendant
A realization you’ve made too late
To wander forever, alone, that is your fate


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