the ghost you never knew

 i am the ghost you  never knew

i was the one  you passed and stole a second glance 

i was the ghost you would  turn to in times of woe 

i was the one who picked you  up  when  you were down 

i was  the one in a trance everytime you danced

i had been the one there at every circumstance

i was the ghost  you didnt see

i was the ghost  you didnt need 

i was the one who didnt have the chance

i was the one  you wouldnt give a dance 

i was the one who you didnt care for 

i was the one  you didnt adore 

and i will always be the ghost  you never  knew 

and it was all  just for you 


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chessi maria

This is seriously powerful. Great job!

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