i don't

i don't like the alchohol 

it messes with my head 

instead i'll chat with demons that reside under my bed 

the demons know my pain because they cause it every day 

they feed me pretty lies in hopes the pain will wash away 

i don't like the green that turns into diamond fog

i'd rather think of ghosts that hide behind the smog 

the ghosts are from my past and they all look like me 

they remind me of my childhood and who i used to be 

i don't like the candy that you sniff up your nose 

i wanna chat with death on his river boat

death knows when i go, he knows that i will stay

he knows i like to watch the sober fade away

i don't know where i am or who i'm gonna be 

but i'm glad that you keep reading while you're next to me



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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