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This one’s for my mom The one who has supported me even before day one There is something special about her On the darkest days she is my sun   A woman of pure grace
I kneel in gratitude to thank you,For all of the hope you have given me.Without your help, there would be nothing.I wouldn’t have the chance to be free. I needed you and you were there to provide.I wanted acceptance but you showed love.And althoug
Not everyone is capable, And no one is irreplaceable, As we play for fun, Strategy, Keep calmness but run, They watch and observe,
“Mother Mentor”   To be as a friends, To be as family, When times were tough, I couldn’t take her for granted.  
My name is Katie, and I’ll be your nurse today.   You’re sick;you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.I know you are upset.I know you feel stressed.I know you want to go home.What can I do to help you?
I am definitely most odd With problems so broad When I had a bad day You made it less grey And suffered time at school Feeling like such a tool You gave me your thoughts To undo my knots
I was calling myself a feminist by the time I was six So it’s no surprise that I’ve always been up to date on politics I can’t help but be angry at the government   Parkland happened when I was seventeen
Mrs. Waters  Beautiful kindred spirit, Lived my life before my breath. You sail with me through it all. My captain, lovely and wise.  
A young girl from the Southside Where cats shoot dice In the sky Gwendolyn cools the air Smog separates the city These rich folks don’t come round ‘here The city of the violet Heart of the violence
The rhythm, the beat. I land on my feet, Through the storm and calm, Ears under your palm.
You said I have a future. You said I’d be okay. You said I’d find the cure for cancer. You’re encouraging that way. You said I’d find an animal, an orphan, and I’d save it.
You stood tall with me When I thought I would drown in My own self-doubt and failures And you showed me that I'd never sink If I taught myself to swim So I learned to grow my wings
Take a long look at yourself in the mirror What do you see? Your cheeks? Your eyes? Your nose? Maybe you don’t see features at all. I don’t.
Your arms wrapped around me  Holding me tight in the cold winter storm As you looked into my eyes and told me everything would be alright  That loving myself is not an easy thing to do
Your arms wrapped around me Holding me tight in the cold winter storm As you looked into my eyes and told me everything would be alright That loving myself is not an easy thing to do 
My lonely ship, Navigating the endless sea Of work, Of love, Of life. Feeling lost,
Dear pain, My greatest enemy yet my closest friend You showed me the sorrows of the world, And you revealed the truth through the dead “It hurts to see someone go” I would say
Delicate eyes showed through the light A message from above An Angel in disguise You taught me how to love You told me to be bright You taught me during day You taught me during night
Mentoring is easy to you It’s in you blood, Your bones I don’t know if you even tried   You are always there
I would like to say thanks, To you, For filling in the blanks. Who knew?   Who knew all the answers And gave them to me Like a million dancers Learning to be.  
My mom is super.  Super for understanding. Super for not being so demanding. Plays an important role in my life. Strong and determined to fight for what's right. Honest to a fault.  No fault of her own.
Parents are our first mentors. They teach us to be good, to stay away from drugs, and to be kind to others despite our differences, But they don't always teach us how we thought they would.
I When I was three I was taught the shape of a heart My stubby hands learned to draw first by scribbling the curved and pointed symbol of love
It took you months to learn my name it didn't seem to bother you  You showed no shame I'm certainly not one for fame, anway.  I rode my bike up the hill every week
Wide eyes open like floodgatesHours pass as I stare, raptAbsorbing, experiencing “You watch too much TV”They see a weakness, a rotting mindBut inside my brain is alive and leaping
You were a general, And we, your willing soldiers; I knew from day one That I would follow you Anywhere. You led us into battle, Not against others but Against ourselves.
It was for a midterm, I read a poem. I practiced and executed with perfect diction. But you had by far more wisdom And when I sat and retired the fiction You said I was to do it again.
To my grandad who is 90 years old You have experienced much in the world, wheter warm and vibrant or cold Your dedication to everything you put in has taught me much in life
Past: A girl. Afraid. Terrified of her own self, Because it had become the unknown.
How can I tell you that you have shaped every part of who I am? How could you possibly know that I am who I am because of you? That I have watched your every move since the day that I was born.
Experiences, you have shaped me into the Woman I am Good or bad I still thank you for the times that we had I learned to extract the lessons from your negatives Used them as a resource to make my life progressive
The Alpha and the Omega The Beginning and the End The angels, they sing his praise  The praise of his grace and his mercy Given undeserved to sinners like me With a promise of eternity and prosperity
I need you! Help me! I don't want to be a nuisance  Gotta keep it to myself, don't wanna make a scene  People starring at me, they'll probably hate me   I don't want to be  a bother to them  let me just sit still 
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