Scarborough Fair

Thu, 08/23/2018 - 17:49 -- sp1

It took you months to learn my name

it didn't seem to bother you 

You showed no shame

I'm certainly not one for fame,


I rode my bike up the hill every week

for a simple twenty minute critique 

Knocked on the door, not allowing myself

blood to the cheek

I sprayed perfume on a sweaty heart

Trying to cover every part,

I always got nervous watching your art.

Sweet coconut mango.

Time was never kind to us

nine years too late to fuss.

nine years too early to discuss.

correct in years and minutes

Scoping the terrain for your red block

so impatient I'd get down the tower to walk, 

it wasn't easy so easy to summon you without 

that knock

Sometimes you were grumpy

but I knew some tricks

Sometimes I was grumpy

so you would gently trail compliments

I always wished you would stay 

but I think you knew it was right to

walk away

some things are not good to convey

I was on my tip toes 

I could be in ballet

good enough actress

I'd make it on Broadway

I haven't seen you in months

Haven't spoken once.

Who, other than God, knows when we will meet

the future is never concrete

and our time will never feel complete

I don't describe you as a "nice guy"

because you're more

You're sweet.

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