A Friend Named Love

I kneel in gratitude to thank you,For all of the hope you have given me.Without your help, there would be nothing.I wouldn’t have the chance to be free. I needed you and you were there to provide.I wanted acceptance but you showed love.And although I thought best to push you away,The burden of chastisement is what I was free of. You stood by me when I doubted myself,Lifting my head above the rising waters.Even when I thought I needed no one’s help,You were a trusting shoulder to cry on. You prefer the name Love,But i will continue to recognize you as my friend.When battling in the arena,You never failed to lend a hand. Therefore, I thank Love as my motivationWho has assisted with depression, anger, struggles, and more.The unconditional power of Love filled me with restoration,Making it undeniable that Love is my mentor.

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