To My Patient

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 14:05 -- klnejdl

My name is Katie, and I’ll be your nurse today.


You’re sick;
you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.
I know you are upset.
I know you feel stressed.
I know you want to go home.
What can I do to help you?


Something’s not right. He doesn’t look good. Get me vital signs stat. “LOOK AT ME! HOW ARE YOU FEELING?”


You’re yelling at me.
I understand.
I know you don’t mean what you say.
What can I do to help you?


Vital signs are 160/110, 149, 28, 93%, 35.7. He isn’t responding. I need a crash cart, call a Code Blue. Start CPR.


Tell me about yourself.
I want to hear about your family.
Tell me how proud you are of them.
I can see your face light up when you tell me
that your granddaughter is going to Yale.
I can see your eyes smile when you tell me
that your son is coming to visit you today.
I can hear the pain and tears in your voice when you tell me
that your wife died three years ago
in this very hospital.
I can see fear strike your eyes when you think
about being in the same exact hospital.
Let me hold your hand.
Go ahead,
you can cry.
I’m right here.


HR is rising to 163. O2 sats are dropping. I need an EKG stat. CLEAR. SHOCK. Continue CPR.


Tell me what you used to do for work.
What are your hobbies?
What makes you the happiest?
I know that this
is not a normal day for you.
You’re not a burden;
I never want you to feel that way.
Tell me what is making you anxious.
What can I do to help you?


Push 2 mL of adenosine. Get me a set of vital signs. Keep giving compressions. CLEAR. SHOCK. “STAY WITH ME!”


I strive to learn more and to be better
because of you.
You motivate me to continue to grow.
You are my teacher,
even though you don’t see it that way.
You are
my mentor.
I value our conversations
and our time today
more than you know.
You entrust me with your life
and the lives of your family.
And for that,
I am forever humbled.


HR is dropping back down: 127. BP is dropping: 132/89. Sats are back to 95%. Keep him on 3L of O2. Color is coming back. Pulses are 2+, laterally. I’ll call the family; inform them of what just happened.
Good job, team.


My name is Katie, and I hope I was your friend today.
Take care.


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