Put Me in Coach

Not everyone is capable,

And no one is irreplaceable,

As we play for fun,


Keep calmness but run,

They watch and observe,

We taunt and unnerve.


A coach is a captain and leads,

A coach has ideas and feeds,

A coach loves the competition,

A coach hates a lost repetition,

As they make us stronger,

Our capabilities turn longer,


Winning is the goal,

They keep the team whole,

Without them, the pile mixes,

Not knowing where to go,

Expectations turn low,


It takes time for perfection,

And even then hard for replication,

No matter the altercation,

They are always there,

Time is limited but they have time they spare,


The most underrated,

If there is a loss, the most hated,

The team is down,

We need to reproach,

I know your job is hard,

But please put me in coach!


This poem is about: 
My community


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