"Mother Mentor"

“Mother Mentor”


To be as a friends,

To be as family,

When times were tough,

I couldn’t take her for granted.


A mother and a daughter,

Always acts so selfless,

To take her for granted,

Would depict me so selfish.


A wife and a worker,

She had a rough life,

To come from nothing,

Shows her true drive.


Words cannot describe,

How hard she has worked,

For that to go unnoticed,

Is something not deserved.


My mentor is my mother,

Who gave me my vision,

Her role as a mom,

Was her biggest decision.


We fought and we argued,

Through times growing up,

But don’t let that mistake,

Her passion to love.


I still thrive to see,

What I cannot ignore,

My devoted mother,

Is my biggest mentor.


This poem is about: 
My family


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