Hansel and Gretel

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Day by day, night by night, The witch would spend alone with fright She couldn’t contain it nor control it But she couldn’t resist the thought:     “Cake…”   “… pie…”
Once upon a time, we did not kill to survive
Most people know how Hansel and Gretel goes You think you know what the old lady’s intentions imposed But have they ever thought about the story if the lady was nice
  Hansel and Gretel were always a pair, Two different kids I just can’t compare.   Gretel is sassy and selfish at heart,
The witch impatient and overwashed by hunger, Hansel and Gretel will be food by supper. "I know of someone more plump than we! Meet our mother and then you'll see!" Hansel suggested
Hansel and Gretel was often seen togetherWearing the same necklace made by their passed motherForever they thought to be a part of each otherEven after the cruel step mother tore then from their father  
Once upon a time, I married the sweetest of girls. She always wore the prettiest of pearls. Then we had two children I grew very fond of, But my wife felt she lost some of my love.
Once upon a time there was a young man He lived with his wife, daughter, and son He never cared about family or love He only listened to his children's screams As his wife once again hit them with force
It started with a click.  A single click ended their lives.  Like perfect little China dolls, they were shipped out and arrived at her door. Each one marked with their names: Hansel and Gretel.
I don't know why I did itMaybe I was afraid?But to send my kids away for goldWas not a fair trade. I don't know why I did itBut what a fool of meTo think her money was worthThis awful tragedy.
Dear old father,
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