It started with a click. 

A single click ended their lives. 

Like perfect little China dolls, they were shipped out and arrived at her door. Each one marked with their names: Hansel and Gretel.

They were beautiful, almost flawless. They just needed a bit of thickening. 

So she locked the children in the basement and started to feed them. 

They ate. 

And they ate. 

And they ate.

Until their stomaches ached. 

They ballooned like cartoon characters. 

Their rosy cheeks grew chubby, their stomachs pudgy, their hands swollen. Like fleshy pink marshmellows. 

But they wilted as well. 

Their eyes fell into sunken abysses, their hair became matted like straw, their nails long and broken. 

She documented every tormenting detail into an online collection to be viewed by people with similar appetites. Every gruesome detail, every step of torture, every plea, shared on the internet to quench the desires of monsters in front of screens. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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