Fire and Wind

Once upon a time there was a young man

He lived with his wife, daughter, and son

He never cared about family or love

He only listened to his children's screams

As his wife once again hit them with force

He only wanted his wife in the house

He threw his offspring into the woods

So they would not bother him anymore


Hansel and Gretel alone in the woods

Now had no home, they had only themselves

With a father no more and a mother long dead

Left was the grandma as rescue at last

Who knew where she was, she left years ago

No longer willing to look at her son

Ruin his life and treat her like no one

She fled in the woods and lived there instead


After long days and nights and bleeding feet

They reached a hut that seemed friendly and warm

The children knocked twice and the door opened 

There stood the grandma who looked at the strangers

Her face turned from curious to sad to angry

As the children told her the whole story

Without another word, she grabbed their arms

Marched through the woods with a match in her hands


They came to the house where cruelty lived

Where demons housed and where darkness played tricks

"Where evil exists," the grandmother spoke,

"The house must be cleansed with fire and wind."

She lit the match that she held in her hands

And threw it through the door of the father's house

It lit up in flames that danced on the roof

No screams where to hear only sighs from the ghosts


Now freed from the evil it carried so long

The house seemed inviting, not scary, but calm

The house found its peace and so did the three

That lived in the house, now joyful and free

As the kids grew older, grandma told them

To only live with pure love in their hearts

And as fairytales always end with these words

They lived happily ever after


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