Dear father..., Love Hansel

Dear old father,
Why didn't you leave her? She was beating Gretel and I both together. With the broom, belts, pot, and everything she's got. She told us these things that I hoped were not true. She told us you'd leave us because she's the only that'd love you, but father I thought you could do better. But alas you've abandoned us all together. I just wanted you to know that Gretel and I found a place to go. Far far from you and we hope you'll never know. Too bad you'll never join us in our wealth, and we hope you starve to death or die from poor health. There's also good news that your second wife left you. I do now hope that you spend your nights crying til' your face turn blue. You deserve every minute of your suffering and a pain that'll never heal. Now tell me father, how does abandonment feel?

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