Hansel, Gretel, and the Witch's Corpse

Once upon a time, we did not kill to survive

We did not let cotton candy clouds and gumdrop stones tempt us like when we lived back at home but we refused to watch the wicked witch that touched my father's heart abuse and destroy our home


So we ran


With nothing but the clothes on our backs and empty stomachs and we were desperate

Like makeshift bandits, we cut holes into our jackets to make mask

Climb through open windows or chimneys like Santa and ravaged through cupboards and fridges for our midnight snacks


But we didn't kill to survive


Until we saw her home but something was familiar about this home

It was wicked. Sinister

Made our blood run cold like reptiles but even reptiles needed to eat


Her chocolate bar doors were unlocked


She was weaving together licorice to make blankets and her hands looked frail, as if her nimble fingers would fall off with another move

We moved fast. But quietly enough.


We saw her hand reach for her peppermint phone, dial for help without asking if we needed help

Because we needed help! We were just raised to never ask for it!


Once Upon a time, we never killed to survive


But that night, it was mandatory

Be known as the looters and thieves or abused kids with no guidance

We got our story straight


That night, we killed to survive

But only because she wanted to kill first


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