The Addiction To Saccharin



Day by day, night by night,

The witch would spend alone with fright

She couldn’t contain it nor control it

But she couldn’t resist the thought:



  “… pie…”

  “… ice cream…”


Uncontrollable it was

She was a snake,

always opening her jaws

No matter what, she had to eat

Any sweet she could find


Every time she ate a cake

The sugar would run through her veins

Like a race car going for the gold

Which would lead the sugar to her brain


With each day that passed by,

With each moment that she looked by

The mirror, which was


                   by her own



She is reminded of her grotesqueness to all


Her nose is like an elephant’s nose

And her skin, most she never shows,

More marked than a warrior from battle

She hides from the pristine world


Finding solace in the saccharin in foods,

She eats as she broods

Gnawing at the pain she feels inside,

Never remembering her suffering


One fateful day, as time goes on,

By the earliest crack of dawn,

Her mind is lost to all.

Sugar has taken over her mind,

With the sweet infection 

deep in her once-pure blood


She built a new house

While "shooing" every intrusive mouse

A new home made of sugary sweets

And desserts of all kinds

To fulfill her need for life

     and  r e v e n g e


The young children arrived at her door

Seeing a house of sugar and nothing more

Little do they know 

That once they knock on the gingerbread door

They’ll face the woman with the addiction to saccharin




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