The Twins


Hansel and Gretel were always a pair,

Two different kids I just can’t compare.


Gretel is sassy and selfish at heart,

She tends to play dumb, but is very smart.

She used the “big move” as a chance to recreate,

Her style, personality, and every big trait.


Lipstick, mascara, and new denim shorts,

A new Gretel evolved, no books and no sports.

Impressing her classmates was always a must,

Her parents opinions she never did trust.


Being born first, she held her head high.

Her brother’s anxieties she could always deny.

She snaps at her brother but doesn’t try to be mean,

All I could say is she’s truly a teen.


He studied his books and did what was told,

always striving to fit his parent’s mold.

With a strong moral compass he guided them through,

and after every meal he said “thank you.”


Constantly paranoid, analyzing the signs,

forces him to be stuck within his guidelines.  

His go-to is to find the logical solution,

but fun can never be a substitution.


As he is always a patient fellow,

in new places, he’s often not mellow.

He covers his moments of anger with a laugh,

because his sister will always be his other half.



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