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Nobody thought the man could win, that King of Broken Things, but he showed his vulgar mind and gave our demons darker wings.   America knew this man was evil just not to which degree,
Good Morning!  It's a sunny day. I jump out of bed, eat breakfast, and put on my clothes for the day.  Then, I sit down at my favorite chair and think.  I don't wanna go do things today. I wanna stay in my room!
He wants the one whose Whistle blew,To lynch him and to beat him blue. The donald never stops to think,He neither reads & has no Clue. His Fall will come and Soon and Swift. We will soon have a Seismic Shift.The donald then, will be exposed,He
The building filled with people who all look alike Crowded and crammed cheering the loudest they could Watching it makes me question why I am here
We are the peopleWe are the nationWho has a beast inside Don't disturb usWe open our tongueless mouthsWe roar with a thousand voicesThe thunder of a thousand gunsThunder of a thousand hearts
‘True wit is Nature to advantage dress’d’Then he with wit has not been blessed,For Nature gifts are not bestowedOn those behaving like a toad.  
‘To err is human; to forgive, divine’But how can one forgive the swineWho promises and then deceivesTo drain the swamp but keep the thieves?
‘When mischief mortals bend their will’To “tax reform” upon The HillWe see with growing deja vu‘The madness of many, for the gain of a few.’  
The dark gray graphite snapped Against my freshly torn notebook paper Donald J. Trump is now the 45th president of the United States  Instinct kicks in and I Panic Worry Wonder
Have a glass with me, sweetheart We'll forget the execution If you don't move a muscle You'll take pride in revolution Raise your hand to your heart Let inhibitions run loose That's the way to cope
The environment, it is our sacred right; We live it, we breathe it, but we don’t acknowledge its might.   Burning ourselves alive, we don’t see who’s deprived.
A people so isolated in a culture of assimilation, A nation so apathetic to all of creation. When the eyes of the opressed weep beneath their boots, Crushed beneath a system of fascist roots.
I grew up being told you can achieve anything you want I grew up being told to love not hate I grew up being told that America is the land of the free
Never will I ever say  I'll stand with him As he ruins this country  Anymore than possible.  Never will I ever say  I stand for beliefs that  Always manipulate and deceive 
This country is a mess. Promises of freedom for the few by oppression of the many taking hold of us, with anger and a sense of injustice
"Make America Great Again" For who? The rich, white, Christian men? The promise that made some cheer and others fear,  for they knew their lives could be left in the hands of someone who didn't care.
Dear White people,Your Cheeto man is in office;How does it feel?Isn’t it great?I mean, like oh my god!This country is yours;Congrats!  
Trump. I Said it. I bet it tasted sour. Did it roll off your tongue with mercuric ease? Or did it linger with a pervading pungency.   News heads will babble. The masses will dabble
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