ode the president

Dear Mr. Trump
You made my list
How lucky
My issue with you is
your opinions on my body
I really don't care that you're a terrible president
What bothers me is your views on women
Look: my body is exactly that
My uterus isn't up for debate
My privates aren't yours to touch
If you try I'll give you my fist
In your face
I am quick like a jaguar, my brain works like fire but you won't know that because instead of listening to me, you were staring at my lips
My brain is full of things I want you to know like that the choice of children is mine or that you, a tiny bug, can not compare, for I am a roaring lioness
Yes, I am a nasty women
Yes, I will fight for my rights
Yes, I have the might of a tiger
Yes you will hear my war cry if you take another step towards me Donald
Dear Mr. Trump
This body is mine
my brain is like lightning
You will not dehumanize me because of my gender
You will not take away my rights
I will never back down

This poem is about: 
My country


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