A Doomsday Ditty


9 Longwood Rd.
United States
30° 13' 18.7932" N, 97° 59' 17.4192" W

Have a glass with me, sweetheart

We'll forget the execution

If you don't move a muscle

You'll take pride in revolution

Raise your hand to your heart

Let inhibitions run loose

That's the way to cope

When you've a Star Spangled noose


Have a dance with me, sweetheart

Go on and let the man speak for you

Though the word on the street

Suggests his answers may abhor you

Still, a change is a change

Isn't that the old excuse?

It's the only way to handle

A Star Spangled noose


Close your eyes and we'll pretend

This will make us great again

Don't that burning 'round your neck

Feel kind of sweet?

Anger is unpleasant

So forget blood spilled at present

Remember, morals never do make one elite


Have a glass with me, sweetheart

We can watch the banner waving

At the dawn's early light

We'll let the others do the saving

Have a glass with me, sweetheart

You'll be sad if you refuse

'Cause don't you know you're dealing

With a Star Spangled noose

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My country
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