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We're growing up, but not much Our knowledge had just been hatched Wisdom of a neophyte Still lots of matches to ignite
It's as though it was just yesterday. My life seemed to fall downhill. Entering highschool things were great. Until the first injury, then the surgery, followed by the loss of friends.
I guess I'm a adult now I've taken out a student loan I've also made a savings account I guess I'm a adult now  I'm saving up my money And I've been quite frugal I guess I'm a adult now
When you first find yourself faced with the reality that you’ve “grown up” You end up stumped with what you are expected to do. Regardless of the fact that I spent my formative, adolescent years
From coloring to writing notes      From sleepovers to study groups  From best friends to strangers      From playing outside to longing for indoors From playing handgames to forgetting how it goes
  When I first had the feeling I was growing I was more lazy than usual i wanted to stay inside as if it were snowing I had to get a job to pay for my daily affairs
When I was younger I could not wait to grow up I would see all these people and admire their glow up Little did I know that it was all trap Because just when I hit 18 there was no going back
The Grocery Game   I enter the sliding glass doors   My purse in my hand   I take breath, in and out  
The numbers on my phone screen glared me in the face. Another week 'till payday-- I wouldn't make it at this pace.  Movies and icecream, fun, and spending galore
No one is obliged to be near you know you die alone but you can sit in fear And walk your own path  of greatness unknown
When I was twelve I asked my mother if I could go bungee jumping. She said NO. But she let me go paragliding. I took the chance.  
I once was a child, young and care-free, I acted as a child, “Mom, I found a dollar!” I played as a child, “I want to play the teacher!” I thought as a child, “I cannot wait to grow up!” One day it hit me,
Oh, cool a $1,700 car on craigslist, what a steal! I cannot function without my coffee Why are these gas prices so high?? My car is starting to make weird noises, guess I’ll turn the radio up!
“Call the doctor,” they said  “It will be fine,” they said  Talking  On the phone    One ring, two rings Heart racing
I'm only five feet tall.  I'm about to turn 18 years old.    When I was young, I threw a tantrum on the kitchen floor,  Begging and pleading with my mom, "I don't want to grow up!"
she walked on their soil. felt the gravel on the ground , every bone  heavy with anticipation. waiting for the show bell to sound ,not knowing that's exactly what it was
What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor, astronaut, vet, famous A million thoughts race through the young girl's mind   Are you ready for your first day of school
Many things have conquered me Who I am is not just what you see I'm complex as can be I've been knocked down by the stress of money Trying to get through school ain't so funny
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