Twisted Tale

Fri, 12/08/2017 - 23:00 -- Tajae

she walked on their soil.

felt the gravel on the ground ,

every bone  heavy with anticipation.

waiting for the show bell to sound ,not knowing that's exactly what it was

a show

My dear Hampton I salute thee.

she had her heart in her hands ready to give it all never wanting to look back ,

because that's how she survived .

yet that would also be her cause to fall

stuck in a bubble of confusion ,rejection ,deception

you fooled her twice while playing nice to the outside folk .

Interpreting her dream only then to go back on your promises when mama left the scene

alone .

now she's completely alone  

or so it seems,

suffocating on the lies that float through your air.

She was the picture of perfection

now shes tongue tied trying to make a paper smile look real seared at the edges pinned down with the broken glass that once covered her eyes

But now she can see,

that you weren't true to your word.

Run away

running away


her mind races .

with the unknown

Her heart beats unevenly as she dives past her regrets .

What did she even see in you,

What did I ever see in you !

You where family and freedom

You were redemption repentance

You where the future .

Yet now your darkness and despair,

And I can't seem to hold onto my sanity

So what's to be made of this tale of woe .

Do I stay shackled in the unkept,

Weep away my sleepless nights .

Or do I fly high

And take my chances .


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