The numbers on my phone screen

glared me in the face.

Another week 'till payday--

I wouldn't make it at this pace. 

Movies and icecream, fun, and spending galore

What used to be the usual is now a memory from before.

Before the worries of my plans of college and career

Before the daily reflection where I would think and peer.

Think about my to-do's,

Think about my past,

Think about my goals,

and how I'll make them last.

Remembering my age doesn't indicate potential

remembering my plans musn't always be sequential.

I stare at my reflection

and this is what I see

a smart young lady is now staring back at me.

I can plan

I can predict

I can even make a promise with my lips.

I can dream, imagine, pursue, and aspire

but all that matters is my reaction to what transpires. 

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