Adulting All Alone

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A doctor, astronaut, vet, famous

A million thoughts race through the young girl's mind


Are you ready for your first day of school

Yes of course! I've been waiting for forever! I am a big girl now

She races towards the doors of her new school, never looking back


Summer is almost over, are you ready for middle school sweetie

Yeah, mom, I got this, I love you too- no please no pictures- oh look I gotta go

The ornery preteen exclaims as she heads to school, embarrassed by her mother's antics


Alright, sweetie, I love you! Have a great first day!

Thanks, mom loveyoutoo byeeeee

She hurries out of the car, swallowing her nerves, putting on a brave face


Hey, did you fill out those scholarships? How about your FASFA application? These aren't just going away!

Oh my god! Can you like stop smothering me for like 5 seconds? I'm going out.

The young teen storms out of the house, frustrated at her mom for reminding her of what she already knows


So what are you majoring in? Have you been accepted to your university? I'm so proud! Drive safe! Don't party! No boy

STOP! You keep treating me like I am a child and I am not! I don't need your help!

She screams, counting down the days until she can finally leave



Mom? Mom where are you? Aren't you going to send me off? Take those annoying pictures that I secretly love? Why are you not here?

The new college student asks, lost and alone


Oh crap! I slept in! MOM WHY DIDN'T -

oh, oh right, college I'm alone, and I just missed my first class

She cries, never leaving bed, wallowing


Deep breath in, deep breath out, you got this girl


Hands trembling, the daughter calls her mom




Hi! I am so glad you called how is everything?

It's really good mom. listen I just wanted to say I am sorry for being so terrible, I don't know what I was thinking

She apologizes, releasing a huge breath as she is granted forgiveness


Adulting is hard, but just as in every phase of her life, she knows her mother is there for her

She is not alone

She never was

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