The Grocery Game

The Grocery Game


I enter the sliding glass doors


My purse in my hand


I take breath, in and out


I must make a big choice, despite my self-doubt



Before even finding one thing to buy,


I must decide


A Cart or basket?


With all I must get I complete the task. It



Is clear I should choose a cart.


I try yanking one from the return, but


It will not budge


So I pull and I pull and I give it a nudge



It moves just a little, but not quite enough


Like it has as little faith in my trip as I do


But eventually it comes free


Showing that maybe there is hope for me



I grip the green plastic handle cover


As I enter the store


I pause for a sec


for one final list check



And a self check-in as I


Collect myself,


I breath, and let the list take the lead


As I once more recall what I need




Thank god for my list


I think it saved my life


It guides my like mom did


During every trip since I was a kid




Just like her, the list knows what I need


Where it is and how much to buy


With my Grocery Guide I get through the store


navigating my cart and its wonky wheels over the white tiled floor



After a minute I begin to fly through the list


With ease and with haste


I find new confidence


And realize there was no need to be so tense.



From all the times helping mom,


My muscle memory knew what to do.


In a flash, I am out of the checkout


And through the sliding doors, holding in a gleeful shout,



My smile beaming


I realize I was ready all along


After years of preparation that I had never seen,


Of the grocery game, I had become Queen


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