Black Lives Matter

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Coffee Is black Why Do you like Drinking Coffee In the morning
Let's talk about Black Lives Matter... It's our mistake; we're too busy being fake. BLM started in 2013 against police brutality, An attempt to search for equality.
COVID-19, gotta quarantine! Destroying and killing lives and everything in between You're hidden but not unseen A vicious thing, evil and unclean A vile virus that came from the inner workings of Wuhan
The Man    Striking aces for white faces  All around, I begin to see Faces that don’t look like me 
Night sky, blue eyes, new lies These aren’t just words,  Now it’s bright as day but the past was the night sky Do you see now where the stars lie? We used to mean something back then and stick outSo many stars came in and then dul
We are more separate than equal if you ask me. Why can't we all get along in this country. Saying All Lives Matter is a hyperbole
My parents tell me that as a little girlI picked up paper money and yelled “Mom look at this pretty cardboard!”
do you know how it  feels to run for your life do you know how it feels to be really scared at night to know if you had to run or stay and fight
 do you know how it  feels to run for your life do you know how it feels to be really scared at night to know if you had to run or stay and fight  gunshots, violence, and gang signs 
"One nation, Under God, Indivisible, With liberty,  And justice for all."   It's interesting how people believe that those words are not false;
They say all lives matter but that couldn't be true if that were the case emphasis on the Black lives we wouldn't have to do.What was wrong with his hoodie, why was it so intimidating....
Duality of Historic and Modern Black Women   -- 1957   Books, carassed in her arm, Elizabeth, pressed on.
who could love these chocolate bones? when society kills my serenity with stones.  oppression and depression is now all I know,  when society has stolen every joy I once bestow.  
"Black Lives Matter" That's what we all say. You say we're all equal, but look who we losing by the day. They ain't did nothin', they just tryna live,
  It's funny, I grew up seeing the world as something beautiful Painted with a crystal blue sky And a warm, bright, yellow sun But as I grew older
WARNING: This poem is about an actual event that occured on March 17, 2017 an unarmed man was shot and eventually died. This poem is my way of honoring his life
 Im not about the politics But more about the common senseBlack lives matter Well isn't that fuckin obvious But to some it might not seemStarted when I had a dream But will end like the Hitler regime  Sad to sayI take it day by day Thinking of wor
Rise above the negativity in this cold world / how can a young boy last on his own in this cold world/ raised by the streets so he taught to never fold/ live for the streets and you lose ya soul or freedom / damn that's the life given to the hood
Hashtag, “Black lives matter.” Trending, but then what? Hashtag, “All lives matter.” Seems pretty okay, but… I find it quite ironic
I can’t hate you. To be quite honest, I don't want to.  
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