Red Sky

  It's funny,

I grew up seeing the world as something beautiful

Painted with a crystal blue sky

And a warm, bright, yellow sun

But as I grew older

I saw my fight had only just begun.

The ground started to swallow me down

Muffling my voice

Restricting my sound

Bringing me to a deprived and foreign world.

A world that was meant for a black girl like me.

A world of chains clinging

Of people pleading


For their lives to start mattering

A world full of death, decay, and disease

Self-loathing disease you see

a tone hating

skin color evading disease

I looked back at the sky with my once innocent eyes

I rubbed hard trying to rid them of all of society's lies

The lies that almost had me hypnotized

And when I looked back up at my sky, it was red

That was the day I knew...

Society wanted me dead


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