The Invisible Too

They say all lives matter but that couldn't be true 
if that were the case emphasis on the Black lives we wouldn't have to do.
What was wrong with his hoodie, why was it so intimidating....

how the HELL do you die in police custody over lane changing ?
We get Decades in jail over crimes we didn't commit 
while confessing rapist get 3 months and a slap on the wrist.

in positions of power suddenly change is too much for you,

a black man in office brought panics of what are we supposed to do

In the media our teens are painted as murderers, drug dealers, and thugs 
while someone else can shoot up a school, get called mentally ill, a child in distressed, his crime brushed under the rug.

Imagine having to go through life with a constant need to prove yourself and the feelings of never being able to risk it...
Because if you mess up just once you become another statistic!
Getting pulled over for a traffic violation but your heart cannot stand it,
the next time you see your family just might be at a funeral ...and they'll have to plan it.

We get followed in malls, our men harassed on the street.
Can’t even bbq in peace without a call to the police.
They couldn't even SAY HER NAME when we told them too,
Because that would've made her human like it's supposed to do!

I CANNOT BREATHE he said time and time again, but they just couldn't hear him over the color of his skin
If all lives really mattered why be offended by the word black?
It's as if we're saying to hell with yours but we never even said that !

So before I get done I've decided to help you see this through
I guess I should've started with Black Lives Matter

 (emphasis on the) Too...

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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