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 Im not about the politics But more about the common senseBlack lives matter Well isn't that fuckin obvious But to some it might not seemStarted when I had a dream But will end like the Hitler regime  Sad to sayI take it day by day Thinking of words to say When another day comes and my color leads me a stray But let’s head back About 500 years to be exact Families still in tact And backs still smooth like a rock without a crack But I never forget just suppressOh my mind’s such a mess Trying to conform to the normSit and study for tests  I was told as a kidDo what you're told And you shall be freeThinking bigger than meThinking on societal issues than on getting a B But I see Going through the motions to provide for your family  And that's fine But I wanna change like a wine Not only meBut society And just filter the time Instead of back to the future I go back with the future in mindTo prevent the unpreventableLike modern day time But don't mind meI’m just dreaming out loud Just give me my pencil and paper And I'll join back with the crowd

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