WARNING: This poem is about an actual event that occured on March 17, 2017

an unarmed man was shot and eventually died. This poem is my way of honoring his life

If this bothers you, please leave and read no further.


"I would like to speak to the higher command"

he spoke these words

not knowing they would be some of his last

She clickedon his live stream

never imagining that she would be forever changed


They fired shots

he screamed

she fell to her knees


her soul in angst


she began to call out to God

begging him to end this horror

he drove away attempting to leave


she was weeping needing the pain to end


the car windshield shattered glass was everywhere


She screamed in agony, knowing the end was near

she whimpered, wanting to turn away but couldn't find the strength

his phone was on the floor of his car

all she heard was a female automated voice talking nonsense

the video feed ends

there is no more


He is no more....


This is dedicated to Rodney James Hess and his family

also, to W.T. 






This poem is about: 
My country


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for such courage

this is a poem where it's putting people on notice

don't worry if it offends because there is a segment in america that will be offended

i'm proud of you

you spoke openly and candidly

God bless you and keep inspiring


Your comment has breathed life into my soul.

thank you for always encouraging me andd know that I will 

never stop. God bless you as well

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