America's Real Infection

COVID-19, gotta quarantine!
Destroying and killing lives and everything in between
You're hidden but not unseen
A vicious thing, evil and unclean
A vile virus that came from the inner workings of Wuhan
To every continent, the daily grind of our lives gone
You have yet to be done singing your terrifying song
And a lot of people don't seem to see that they're committing a wrong
By protesting lockdown and refusing to wear a mask
You can see how these kind of people lack respect for the law and even class
They are rioting with guns out and all of the premeditated sass
It's like we're stuck in the 1960s' again, only it's not the past
Admist all this, police brutality is still running amok
Killing an innocent man named George Flyod because they don't give a fuck
Over a supposedly counterfeit $20, poor man didn't have any luck
Now he's dead and Minneapolis is burning because police thought he wanted to make a quick buck
And the president calling the protesters thugs, the audacity!
For being angry at the corruption of the police, typical caucasian totality
What else did you expect when you witness such blatant hatred and murder?
You think we as black people are just gonna stand around and allow the police to be life-taking burglars?
Of black and brown lives at that, you must be out of your damn mind
The man who killed George should die or at least serve 100 years time
I'm tired of America, and quite frankly so should you
Are you going to rise against the system?
Or just stay on the sidelines with the others too?

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


Annette M Velasquez

Honest and direct, this poem delivers a powerful, needed message. The use of rhyme is effective and heightens the poem's impact. It is time for clear, authentic and to- the- point words- no more elaborate, obscure junk. Poets need to be, and have always needed to be, a voice for change and resistance.

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