do you know how it  feels to run for your life

do you know how it feels to be really scared at night

to know if you had to run

or stay and fight

the gunshots, violence, and gang signs

that's just  part of that everyday  hood life

And it’s all because of





my people aint great sure that's a fact

but that's not a reason to put a bullet in their back

they fear us because we are different

because we are strong

because of our pride

because of our bond

that's why we tell our kids to stay strong

isn't it enough you put us down

made us slaves

push us down

you say everyone deserve freedom

but really you look at it with a frown

with something with free in the name it sure has a price

that price for us was our lives

nothing you say can ever repay

for what you done to us

man i can't be in a car without shit going down

cops pulling me out

questioning me trying to put me down

im answering as fast as i can

but they see this as suspicion

and tell me to raise my hand

handcuffs on my wrist

their pushing me and shit

this is why black people can't stand this shit

cuz you dont know how it feels

dont know whats the deal

don't know why we do what we do

cops be confused

so the first thing they do

they pull out they gun and they shoot

they say it was self defense

but you defending yourself from who

they expect the worst

they expect to be hurt

because of





they judge me by my skin

see if i was white there wouldn't be a fight

and i wouldn't had been pulled over on a whim

and that's why I say

You don't know about my life

my everyday fight

versus the racist pigs

and reason we die

the reason we hide

the reason we run

is because of





who are we you say

oh let me explain

we are color

we are detroit

we are chicago

we are compton

we are






This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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