We Need Justice

"Black Lives Matter"

That's what we all say.

You say we're all equal,

but look who we losing by the day.

They ain't did nothin', they just tryna live,

but the white man could care less, yellin "What's the big deal?"

It is a big deal.

cause' the guns gettin pointed, not at you, but at us 

but you could care less cause' to you we ain't important.

Mama's out her cryin',

cause' her baby boy just got shot with skittles and a arizona,

not thinkin' he was bout' to get dropped.

Who's gonna' tell her he's gone?

Whos' gonna have to tell her  she has to bury her son?

Not you, cause you don't care.

That's why we scream BLACK LIVES MATTER so you can at least hear.

This poem is about: 
My country
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