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The mastery of diligence  A right amount of playful intelligence  Tales of what it must be  Peering clear into the sea    Lessons passed with fervor Influencing the curious observer 
Happiness was a foreign language  Cheek tops stained with tears of anguish    The games she played ate her away  Stripped her of every moral vow she ever made   
Dear New Life,   Where do I begin I came to you and you saved me from a world full of sin Before you called me, the devil was playing with my sight Now everywhere I go, I seem to shine my light
Dear Children Who Stand on Their Heads, Will you tell me a story of flowers? One with words twisting and turning to tell? To distract my wandr'n mind for hours? Water an idea and grow a spell.
A magnificent tale is about to be told The truth of this generation’s love and romance is going to unfold
Tick, tick, tick, It's time to go to school to learn how to be quick. Tick, tick, tick, A grown-up Peter can't afford to not be a cynic.   No more daydreaming and pondering,
Parading through the streets, People are smiling and waving. Hand in hand—marching, No one in need of saving.   Parading through the streets, Red in their veins, White in their eyes,
Poetry is the sweet sap that seeps from within the trees, exposing their true nature of how delicate and potent it feels against my fingers, spiritually connecting with me.  Poetry elicits a plethora of emotions 
Expression defying oppression Props to Walker, no ordinary talker Given a voice, best choice The pain, rain is entirely insane The actions, attitude inhumane
why cant i get up im so frigid cold as the heart of a prehistoric glacier the sun is shining but i dont feel it i have no strength, no power to combat the waves of those around me  
If an island ever daredTo be stranded with meI'd take my laptopAnd a coffee shopWith the wi-fi free  
Precious child, you were put onto this world with ever lasting love.Like a dove,You
Scared, worried, alone; Emotions flooding my concious.  These feelings won't subside. Almost like waves crashing against the shore, Of that lonley island I sat on.   My world is turning,
A thread is nothing without a needle A moth is lost without light  A cookie will always be missing it's completing factor without that full glass of milk And life seems small without my sister  
All I Need is Someone to love Someone to cherish Someone that cares as Much as I do   Someone to have on the dark,
I listen to the well put together beats and rhythms with the volume on maximuM   Songs of different genres and languages and tempos never ever seem to plateaU
You give me love You give me your time You give me happiness You gave me life You gave me a reason to live You gave me your warmth You gave me your everything You gave me forever
My drenched hydrangea colored shirt began to dry As my eyes crystallized and I tripped beneath bits of sand   I was alone   As I stumbled into some reality of the trees
Money, power, accessories. I would banish all these luxuries, All costly clothing, all fancy bling, For the sake of something Greater.
Imagine. The salt that splashes so lightly on my lips, Dripping from my head down to my fingertips. The sun that shines so brightly upon my back, The one thing that my old home used to lack.
Down to its loveless core How dare you sail your judgments upon my shore. With your futile efforts to take control Your bibical conquistadors  can do no more.
We are two bodies that sails the body of the sea In search of our lost souls driven by the riches We heard of this land by the many in our genration No one haven't really seen her, only a figment of a long lost dream
I do not want the tangible things It is the intangible things that I crave His laugh His kindness His modesty I want it all
All I need in life is my pride. Without it by my side. It is going to be a wild ride. A cloak of darkness will be in me without my cougar pride
He's my best friend, a person I can't live without. I was asked, "If you were stranded on a deserted island, what is the one thing you would take with you?" Well, I would take him. He makes me happy,
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