United States of Hypocrites

Parading through the streets,

People are smiling and waving.

Hand in hand—marching,

No one in need of saving.


Parading through the streets,

Red in their veins,

White in their eyes,

And blue in the collar of their dreams.


They raise a flag,

High against the sky.

Different was okay.

Different was safe.


Race, Gender, Ethnicity,

All a thing of the past


Freedom at last.


Or so I wish,

That was how the story goes.

But instead of joy,

The story is lost in its woes.


Gunshots ring through the air,

Shooting down innocent lives.

Yelling and Screaming,

Anger and Fear.


Bang!—a veteran Caucasian soldier,

Falls for the last time.

Bang!—a calloused African American man,

Leaves two orphaned children behind.


Bang!—a confused Hispanic boy,

Who desires men is condemned

Bang!—a defiant Asian woman,

Drops her picket sign in the end.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Humanity falls with a clang.

Blood fills the streets,

A crimson tide without cease.


Reddened hands,

Reach down our throats.

They mangle our hearts,

Into blackened coals.


Words spill across our skin.

Leaving shards of glassed ink in

Its defiled wake.

Its defiled sin.



Has come.

Let Valhalla spill,

Across our ashen land.



Has come.

Let the Horsemen spill,

Across our charcoal earth.


Into the valley,

Of the shadow of death.

We ride on the backs,

Of those without breath.


With each crack,

Of our fiery whips.

We scream,

“America is great.”


Into the depths,

Of the infernal we fall.

Taking the many and all,

With every step and withdrawal.


A soul withers away,

To our whips.

They bleed red and white,

But most of all—blue.


Slaving away,

To the beat of our freedom drum.

The soldier heartbeat,

Fading to but a whisper.


Each fading stripe,

Of our hollowed flag.

Each a stripe of pain,

Across our backs.


Let freedom rain,

Like a crimson tide.

We layer the sidewalks,

With our bodies.


Steps of blue,

On reddened backs.

White whips,

And white places.


Colors rule,

Like no other king.

Colors determine,

And decide.   


We, the enslaved,

In order to form a

More chained world,

Establish fear,

And ensure complete obedience.

Provide for the wealthy,

Promote the majorities

And secure only

The most important to

Them and their benefits,

Do reject and deny

This Constitution of

The United States

Of Hypocrites.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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