A Place Like Home

why cant i get up

im so frigid

cold as the heart

of a prehistoric glacier

the sun is shining but i dont feel it

i have no strength, no power

to combat the waves of those around me


Home is bright and beautiful,

Clean and comfortable,

My back's to the fire as I sit down to eat

The lovely vegetables, bread, and meat

In the place where they love me.


no power no motivation

no will to go on

i act out lash out

i only stop when i go to the Place.


The Place where we sing

And they ask me how I'm doing

And they really want to know

Because here I'm a human being

Not something Other-

Not just an unsightly blur in the crowd.


This is a Place

A little like home

I always come

And I don't always feel better

But I feel less marooned.


So when I want to go Home

And I can't stand it here

I can go to the Place that is my life raft

And feel less alone.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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