Your Loveless World


United States
37° 42' 10.818" N, 85° 51' 52.992" W

Down to its loveless core

How dare you sail your judgments upon my shore.

With your futile efforts to take control

Your bibical conquistadors 

can do no more.

My heart, my whole being thrive within these tides.

Given that she is by my side, I know we'll survive.

Although this may be true, I'm stranded by the devil in your eyes.

On a desolate island with demotic skies,

Confused waves, 

My choice, unwise.

 I'm awaiting my own demise.

There fore all in all,

I'll go to hell anyway.

Yet..thats fine.

I'd rather die

 than love any other way.

Sail away

leave me be

Because in reality, see God and me

we have this understanding of whom I'll be.

So, Where ever life takes me

This love will endure anything.

Because this is the way God intended it to be.










This poem is about: 
Our world


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