"Celebration of Life"

Poetry is the sweet sap that seeps from within the trees,

exposing their true nature of how delicate and potent it feels against my fingers,

spiritually connecting with me. 

Poetry elicits a plethora of emotions 

That cause a movement for devotion,

Poetry is the nature's caricature of art where it is visual thoughts for the blind, 

but music for the deaf.

It holds meaning as a self-expressed statement. 

It is not a misstatement for the words 

that we speak lack flaws, 

that words we write have no error, 

that words we preach are a simple inconsequential infliction -


Poetry is the religious texts poets abide to,

Poetry is our voice that will be read and heard,

To feel through the various tones,

To understand what it means to pour your soul into a piece of paper 

as the feeling gives us chills in our bones. 

Poetry arises in the melancholic and glorious of times, 

poems are the colors to the paintings of life. 

That is, the grandeur of poetry. 

Poetry is not solely celebrating life, the character's successes and passions.

Also, it is adversity in the character, that enlightens the human spirit. 

In this book of life, the beauty of poetry is why I am a poet. 

This poem is about: 
Our world
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