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My first day of elementary school My mom woke me up and made me breakfast With a lunch box in my hand I walked to school With my white sketchers that had double knots So I wouldn’t trip over myself
Gears, they clink as the little man's Key twists. A fire alights upon his little being.  Laughter, delighted, gleeful, echoes as this little man stumbles foot over foot along his little path.
I was young and blind My mind compliant clay So now I've become what you made me be And locked what I could've been away   You had me going for a while
Life is more than the number one. Yes, I'm given this one life, And yes, I'm one in quite a few billion, But these days are filled with turmoil and strife, Kids these days, they experiment, and they torment.
Writing is a part of my life Writing come naturally to me Novls sagas, comics, sometimes poetry It is the one thing I find easy to see   I love to write
Distract your mind of anxiety, feel the breeze, seize the anticipation,  Hours, days, and months of moments summon upon this day,  Approach the line. Runners ready. Here comes the pain, here comes the sensation. 
She lay on the floor, unconscious and beaten almost to death. Blood on her face running from her nose and mouth. He’s gone, nowhere to be found. Bruises are slowly forming on her arms, hand prints forming on her throat.
I wonder why leaves fall? Everyday I drive over different leaves With the same tire tracks Of my ugly green Chevy Malibu Hatchback asking myself why it is that I am never reincarnated In the spring
I follow no man but Jesus Praying every night I rest Hoping that I wake up and pass his next test "There's no time for foolishness no time for fun, for there is work to be done my son" These hands made for labor and
It always lurked inside, but had evolved from a small, superficial presence into a Fog that glowed beautifully and dangerously as the source of one's existence.   Fresh air that's inhaled is produced into
A world without peace is like a pillow without its fluff, we toss and turn on end about desires and wants, we ask what can be done for us instead of asking what can I do for you?
Dear Reader,
Train Rides.  
Beautiful Liar is what I call you. You don't lie to everyone, but to me you do.  
Tell the world how much you love Me and I’ll tell the world that I’m in love with You day after day myLove for you grows. You say you don’t like
The lies the lies,all these lies,are only a cover for what lies inside. The truth is hidden way beneath,just the cover and the trim.Not always a meaning,but always a reason.
I feel the electricity pass over me in massive arcs, solar flares reach through that celestial body into me, and I feel gravity pull me ever closer, when those lips touch mine. She is stellar.
Running  It's my outlet and my way of escape The night before a 37 mile relay  I wanted to run not to rest and hydrate I needed the escape  from the pain and confusion swirling in my brain
Believe it or not, college is right around the corner! And high school years are at a glance The recruitment game The need-to-know Don’t pass up your chance Failing to demonstrate interest?
Fear is a feeling There are so many kinds it can come without warning Without a clue or a sign It can be difficultTo find a way to tell  For me it's easier  To write and to spell 
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