Formal Introduction


I wonder why leaves fall?
Everyday I drive over different leaves
With the same tire tracks
Of my ugly green Chevy Malibu Hatchback
asking myself why it is that I am never reincarnated
In the spring
Instead of giving you all somomething you'd expect
Like advice or tips
Or when to wear polka dot ties
I could tell you to give your demons plenty of exercise
If absolutely necessary
But unfortunately there's absolutely nothing convincing me to care about what you want to hear
Calculated words are blasphemy!
If everyday when you drove home from the most conflicted parts of your storm
And looked me straight into the windows of my soul
Nd told me that everyday was meant to set sail
Your sea of deception would be so deep that you could drown in it
And then you would be stuck with exactly what you wanted
And I would bid you farewell
Shake the hands of bystanding leaves
Hoping to set sail tomorrow


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