Gears, they clink

as the little man's Key

twists. A fire alights

upon his little being. 

Laughter, delighted, gleeful,

echoes as this little man stumbles

foot over foot

along his little path.


A chattering walk

shatters newfound silence

as glee cries.

The End nears

this little man's chattering walk.


Sapphire canvas and ivory blemishes

sit beyond the End.

Seductive sylph's sway to and fro

from Beyond. 


He approaches!

Flickers invade his fire.

Tremors attack his chatters.

A single more step--!


And now he sits Beyond.


Wind, whistling

as it rips.

Birds, mocking their hateful


Ground, looming, inescapable,

and lifeless.



as it lands,

falling into place.

Now, simply to sleep

as the Key waits to be turned.


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