An Anthem

I was young and blind
My mind compliant clay
So now I've become what you made me be
And locked what I could've been away
You had me going for a while
I almost lost myself
I'd been doing the best I could
With the shitty hand I was dealt
Yes I'm chained
I'm caged
But I'm begging for a fight
My pain
Now rage
Agony sharpens sight
You spat in my smile when I misbehaved
I'd danced upon the lines you drew to mark my grave
Finally you are dismayed
That I'm alive
Now I dare you to face me
I challenge you to survive
I've been sprinting for so long
And getting nowhere fast
But I hope you know your puppet show
is running low on cast
Now I know how to break you
And these shackles of mine
I'm ready to breathe in air
Instead of sweaty coward lies
Yes I've changed
My ways
I know that hearing this is hell
Now I
Am in control
I'm aching to rebel
It's funny how before you thought I was a joke
You branded me your prey who was just short of losing hope
Accusing me of changing
I'm happy to reply
I have the same face, same mask
but a different glow
is breaking through my eyes
And I'm not doing anything
To calm this monstrous tide
Not just a cry from the prisoner,
a desperate escapee
But also an anthem of the captive
who, for the first time, can live and be.


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