Why is the Question Everyone Asks but No One Can Answer



It's my outlet and my way of escape

The night before a 37 mile relay 

I wanted to run

not to rest and hydrate

I needed the escape 

from the pain and confusion swirling in my brain

The next day, me and three other people had to run 130miles total

my excitement was hiding

hiding under the why? 

The night before my aunt told me she needed chemo

after a double mastectomy 

She went through enough and now has to fight to stay alive

There's the why? 

Why do people have to fight to stay alive

while druggies are destroying their bodies?

Why does the person with the unhealthy diet

keep eating that way?

Why will my aunt, who exercises regularly

have to stop exercising 

so she can fight a battle against cancer?

Why do people lose the war? 

The next day, as I was running

my thoughts floated as my body dragged.

Once my mind was hovering in between light and easy

the pace where I can think and not hurt and still cover ground

I thought, 

Why do people not run

or move their body

get this sensation

bike swim something that gets you active

so that two million humans do not die every year from


the thing we can all fix

and why is my aunt, my mentor inspiration

saddled with something that can't be fixed?

No one can answer
but while running in the desert, I thought I had the answer.


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