Beautiful Liar


Beautiful Liar

is what I call you.

You don't lie to everyone, but to me you do.


It makes me feel worthless, you don't even care.

I really don't know, how much more I can bear.


I couldn't believe it!

I didn't want to hear, those rumors she whispered right into my ear.


"That's a lie!" I said, and started to cry. 

i wanted to fix this, I thought "At least try"


And then you told me those rumors weren't true.

You told me you loved me, you lied, How could you?


I wanted to know if you played me for long.

I thought I was special, I was obviously wrong.


Though I didn't ask you, I figured, "Why bother?"

It's not like you'd mention the arms of another.


So Beautiful Liar,

I'm setting you free.

Now it's just y'all two, there's no longer three.


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