How do you deal with a suicidal figure?
Body bent over from shadows of heavy thoughts,
Agony weighing it down,
Skin heavier than it can carry,
And a heart that bears more than just a dead soul.
Suicidal bodies are like puppets:
Putting on a show for those who dare notice their painted smiles and stringed arms and legs;
For those who have the audacity to watch the weak and flailing figures that can't hold their own weight;
Fighting for strength on the outside while dying to kill themselves on the inside.
Spectators see the lively characters not knowing they're not living; 
Not knowing of the death that builds inside them on a daily basis. 
Suicidal figures with death wishes that have been growing stronger with every breath;
Suicidal figures inhaling toxic air filling a dead soul.
Suicidal thoughts lead to suicidal souls who see everything through suicidal eyes that never want to see another soul or hear another's thoughts.
Someone save a suicidal!
A suicidal figure can have a million different thoughts that convince them to kill themselves,
But what is the one reason that will keep them alive?
Something is creating a thick border between a suicidal thought and a suicidal figure;
Especially figures that have been suicidal for years!!
Going through the routines,
Trying a number of methods, 
And waiting for someone to notice.
They have this one reason that they think of when they're ready to jump,
When the knot has been made, 
When the trigger is cocked back,
When they're ready to end it all;
And they decide to hold off for another time.
No suicidal figure ever wants to commit suicide;
Ever fully desires it with all their heart.
All they're expecting,
The only thing that can save them,
Is for you to just
Pay attention for once;
That's all they'll ever want.
Tell me you see their thoughts reaching through the cracks of their scabs!
Tell me you hear their screams of agony!
Tell me you don't turn your back on their scars; 
Pretending not to hear their silent cries for help;
Tell me you've never been suicidal yourself.


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