I feel the electricity pass over me in massive arcs, solar flares reach through that celestial body into me, and I feel gravity pull me ever closer,
when those lips touch mine.
She is stellar.

I feel the earth cease it's eternal revolution, time gives way and slows to nothing, and I feel the stars rush into my soul,
when I inhale that breath.
She is stellar.

I feel the dark void of space brighten, the infinite depths close in, and I feel the stardust all around me,
when her skin meets mine.
She is stellar.

I feel the love shared between the planets and the sun, the constant orbital flux, and the earthly desire to be closer,
when I hold her to me.
She is stellar.

I see the of outburst of the supernova, the nebula form from the expanse of heat, and I feel the destruction of all we learned,
when her eyes gaze into mine.
She is stellar.

I feel the sadness of the asteroids, the loneliness of the icy dust paths, but the joy of the sun's rays peering through the darkness,
when I remember how it felt to see her smile.
She is stellar.

As the comets come and go, I remember that I'll see her again,
and I'll smell the stardust in her hair,
and I'll see the starry twinkle in her eyes,
and I'll taste the solar warmth on her lips,
and even now, as I feel her gravity pull me in...

I'll let it swallow me, and we'll be eternally stellar.


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