rhyme scheme

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I don't remember the day I just remember how it felt Like everything I'd ever known was just beginning to melt   I flash back to age 7 and I'm walking up the stairs
I am only overwhelmed with pure joy; It is when I take in that sweet fresh air. The smell of rain lingers as a decoy, It's a distraction to the lack of care.
If only I could travel back through time, where life starts to go trough hell fire and flame. For when I finally started to aim, I lost my future's grip and could not climb. I would catch myself and all my glory,
I want to say thank you For showing me how to love, But more importantly How to give Without an ulterior.   I want to say thank you
Tulips, The color of sweetened cream. Delicate, like the whisper, Lulling you into dreams.    Burning crimson, Cutting through chilled air, Precise on a frozen branch,
Through her veins the venom ran Sweet, quiet Mary Ann   All she wanted was to be powerful and strong But sickening tones became of her swan song   Her eyes turned a golden, shining hue
I Daddy wraps his arm round Mommy's waist. Mommy holds my hand. She knows her love's not a waste.  Brother grips my small fingers with love and face aglow.  Sister clings to Daddy's leg threat'ning to ne'er let go.
The rush of your love is like a wave, And your touch is one that I always crave. I know inside I have to be brave, And think of the future we’re going to pave.   Every second I want to savor,
What is Love? A trivial thing? A higher power one may believe? Emotion one yearns when theirs is so hurt? Or a wink, a single causation to flirt?   Love is all of these things and yet, so much more.  
Everyone knows the common story where the princess stay with her prince, not every story goes as it is told Let's talk about the story where the princess is left alone
There once was a girl, who’s hair twirled in a gentle curl. This girl’s was named Red, because of the blood she had shed, such a sad story to behold.
Yes it's me Ursula, couldn't you tell Dwelling in my cave, preparing a spell I just met Ariel, oh what a gem Ha! I'm joking, she's really quite dim Longing for a man that she'll never ever get
You dress like me, You talk like me, You rap like me, You sing like me, You dance like me, You swag like me. You cut yourself to look like me: Big lips, big booties.
"Never again" History's a cruel mystery But how clever a pen Cinema's sentiment's more cinnamon-sweet We're amateur janitors just been sent in to sweep Epilogue for a demagogue when we set him asleep
If there's one thing I should ask you, if there's one thing you're to keep well-kindled into memory, it's "Don't let me fall asleep."   He can only reach out through my dreams; to slumber's my mistake.
You went down to play? That's their game of night or day Gents’ swig, gals’ sway Six nights to sin, 7th to pray    
Poetry was Othera phenomenon,I went to uncoverthis peculiar lexicon  
I wish I were among the stars There is better than where we are I'd shine above the world below And sparkle when I wanted so Down here on solid ground there's hate Life comes with all this stress and weight
My confidence swells as I realize, I am better than ever to those amber, brown eyes. They widen as I draw near, Everything but inferior, In her presence I feel
i will never know how to breathe without pain there will always rest a parasite in the wrinkles of my brain speaking in code to my uterus and to my esophagus, this "being human"? i'm bad at this
Image author unknown   Those grey birds They beat their wings Droves of feathers following Up and up into the air Flying high with little care One bird, two birds
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