My Little Girl Dreams


Daddy wraps his arm round Mommy's waist.

Mommy holds my hand. She knows her love's not a waste. 

Brother grips my small fingers with love and face aglow. 

Sister clings to Daddy's leg threat'ning to ne'er let go.


This was the first of my little girl dreams.




I sit beside Mommy in front o' the small piano. 

Mommy shows me th' notes and how to play with me in tow

My very first song of something to do with a little sheep.

I listen intently and carefully without making a peep.


This was the second of my little girl dreams.




At school, I am surrounded by girls and boys

Who like me and admire me for my little joys.

I am my teacher's fav'rite for my smarts 'n smiles.

Honest, cheery, helpful, pretty all the whiles.


This was the third of my little girl dreams.




My little girl dreams may not have happened

As I would have liked. But would I be gladdened

By th' results of my person if they actually had?

Maybe so, maybe no. But to live in th' past is to be sad.


My little girl dreams were just my little girl dreams.


This poem is about: 
My family
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