If there's one thing I should ask you,

if there's one thing you're to keep

well-kindled into memory, it's

"Don't let me fall asleep."


He can only reach out through my dreams;

to slumber's my mistake.

A demon cloaked in silken gold

who wishes to partake.


Such wicked eyes and sultry smile

that's saccharine, bitingly sweet,

he's the apparition of my fears

who waits for us to meet.


When I approach, he takes my hand;

"You're the one I've wished to see.

I present my unanswered request:

will you make a deal with me?"


If there's one thing I could take to heart

and a lesson I'm to keep:

never allow temptation's taint.

"Don't let me fall asleep."


The sharpest tongue responds with

"No, you'll never be the winner.

I cannot dance in darkness

for an overbearing sinner."


"My little dear's most certain to 'want'.

You'll crave until you call.

I'll be the only answer,

then beneath my whim, you'll fall."


An ominous threat, he takes his leave,

fading against the air -

to retract from the terrors

breaks that paralyzing stare.


If there's one thing I will beg of you,

if my soul is safe to keep,

I do not want to lose myself ...

"Don't let me fall asleep."


The words echo, drive in like knives,

and push me to submission.

Little by little, all at once,

then finally, with permission.


He pays his visit, now each night,

to hold, to kiss, to fuck.

I swore to stay above the water,

but I have no such luck.


No longer can I stay awake.

With each push comes his shove.

The more I try to run away,

the more I drown in love.


If there's one thing I expect to lose,

it won't be the shame I keep.

He's branded lust upon my skin ...

Now, in his arms, I sleep.


Jagged claws dig at my hips

while dragging me to bed.

At each caress, I ask aloud,

"Is all this in my head?"


"It's much too real, my precious pet,

I'm no longer a dream."

And as he pierces inside me,

in harmony, I scream.


Deprivation? No result.

I'm an unconcious slave.

He requests my obedience,

and I am to behave.


If there's one thing I still yearn for,

a breath of life I'd keep.

I'm locked forever in his tomb.

Eternally, I sleep.


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