Ursula's Revenge

Yes it's me Ursula, couldn't you tell

Dwelling in my cave, preparing a spell

I just met Ariel, oh what a gem

Ha! I'm joking, she's really quite dim

Longing for a man that she'll never ever get

She should just stop now, give up, quit

But alas the poor girl says she's in love

She asks for legs to help her walk up above

I'll give her a deal, and play with her fate

Ill trick and confuse her, make her love wait

She doesn't know the tricks I have up my sleeve

And when she succombs I'm sure she will grieve

I know that my actions will make the girl sad

But the one I really aim to hurt is her dad

Because he banished and sent me away

Revenge is the only game I shall play

I will leave no one out, and take his kingdom for myself

And his daughter will be but a trinket on my shelf

There she will remind him of all that he's lost

He will forever be my prisoner, no matter the cost

I will end him, destroy him, lock him away

Never again will he see the light of day

With his daughter as my puppet, she'll be the bait

When he see's she is hurting he will not wait

He'll come for me blazing, and I'll be ready

I'll have a trap prepared, nice a steady

I'll steal away his tridant, and claim power as mine

And show the whole ocean who is really divine

King Triton will fall, and I shall rise

As Ursuala the Great who caused the King's demise

This plan is forming and coming along

And when it's complete I'll be nothing but strong

Triton has no clue whats coming his way

If only has daughter hadn't met me today

Because of that girl, his reign will end

And he'll be left alone with out a single friend

Flotsam! Jetsam! It's time to ride

Go find Ariel, have her meet me inside

My anger is fueling this evil desire

I WILL take over Triton's humongous empire

Say goodbye dear Triton, this is your end

There's nothing more deadly then MY revenge.

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